Simple Assistants

The easiest way to get tasks done in next to no time

Simple Assistants is an essential suite of simple software facilitators for your daily work routine.

Each program is designed to deliver maximum performance within a small software footprint, along with a modern, intuitive look and feel and compatibility with all common file formats.

Simple Assistants is your perfect choice for both home and office.

About Simple Assistants

Simple Assistants is a set of programs designed to assist you with everyday tasks both at home and in the office. Simply put — every activity from text processing to data visualization and document management, is made easier with Simple Assistants.

To help you with texts and spreadsheets we created Simple Words and Simple Sheets, a text editing assistant and a spreadsheet management assistant. Together with Simple PDF’s – a PDF viewing assistant – they make up the Simple Office Bundle — an indispensable group of programs to serve any home or business office.

For those who need the power of reporting tool but don’t need the complexity that usually comes with it, we offer Simple Forms WYSIWYG reporting assistant, which consists of a simple and powerful text processor that provides report generating functions. If you ever need a report, you can have it in seconds with Simple Forms.

If you need a more powerful method to create the most complex and sophisticated reports, we offer Simple Reports, a standalone report design assistant with the familiar bands layout, capable of handling any data file you can throw at it. With Simple Reports you have limitless potential for report generation.

There are never enough graphs, charts or indicators to satisfy any business. For those who needs to represent data in a meaningful yet simplified visual fashion, we present Simple Dashboards, a powerhouse assistant for data visualization. With Simple Dashboards, you will always have your hand on the digital pulse of your business.

Even with all the help that computers provide, document flow never stops, so now you need a way to keep your documents easily accessible, within a couple of mouse clicks. For this, we designed Simple DMS, a comprehensive document management assistant. With Simple DMS, categorizing, tagging, filtering and searching for documents becomes trivial. Our exclusive built-in text editor and spreadsheet manager ensure that your work will proceed, unhindered in any way.

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Algorithms In Motion Co.

We make complex things simple.