Simple DMS

Organize Your Documents With Ease

  • Manage all your documents from a single virtual location
  • Edit your files within Simple DMS
  • Fully customizable categories and tags make organizing a snap!
  • Access related files easily and quickly
  • Import and export external files with a single click.
  • Maintain all your files within a single database.

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What is Simple DMS?

Simple DMS is a robust document management application designed to help you keep your documents right at your fingertips.

A virtual tree-like directory structure, categories, and tags keep your documents organized, while embedded Rich Text and Spreadsheet editors make Simple DMS the perfect stand-alone application for both home and office.

Please, take a note that .NET data provider is needed in case if you want to use data source other than Microsoft SQL Server. You can download .NET data provider from corresponding database engine website.

When should i use Simple DMS?

Simple DMS is the perfect choice if you need to keep your documents well organized and easily accessible. Whether at home or in the office, you can use Simple DMS to categorize, sort, filter and tag your documents.

And there is more!

You don't need a separate text editor. The built-in Rich Text Editor and Spreadsheet Editor allow you to create, edit and view any popular document format from within Simple DMS!


Simple DMS elevates ease-of-use and productivity to unrivaled levels!

Search and Filter with Ease

No document manager is complete without a competent search and filtering system to help you easily locate desired documents. Simple DMS boasts a robust visual system; just type your text in the search box, double-click on Category or Tag, and instantly see the results! You can also drag a search term to the Filters strip if you want to add it to your collection of filters.

All filtering defaults to the currently selected directory and includes its nested directories. You can effortlessly narrow your search by selecting any nested directory; all documents will be filtered accordingly.

For our most demanding customers, complex filtering support is also implemented in Simple DMS . You can easily specify your most complex filtering requirements in our user-friendly, visual, and highly intuitive Criteria Designer.

Embedded Rich-Text and Spreadsheet Editors

No need for office applications like Word, Excel or even PDF Viewer. You can create, edit, and view all kinds of documents within Simple DMS.

Of course, you can still use your favorite text editor or spreadsheet software to work with documents. Your changes will be reflected in the Simple DMS database as soon as you save your work.

Directories, Categories and Tags

The virtual directory structure emulates the common file system everyone is familiar with, making it easy to keep your documents organized.

You can group your documents by category, while tags allow you to further identify your collections, easing search and filter operations as well as adding striking visual differences to documents, both as individual files and as part of a group.

Full Support for Popular Formats

All your favorite Microsoft Office formats are supported, making compatibility a non-issue. You can import, create, view and export documents easily and seamlessly within Simple DMS.

Easy In, Easy Out

You can retrieve multiple documents from an external source in one click. Your external directory structure remains intact, regardless of where you move files in your Simple DMS file structure. When it comes time to update your external files, you can export them in a single click.

Broad Support of Database Engines

You can use file oriented databases (.XML files) as well as a wide array of other supported database engines as document storage, including Microsoft SQL Server, Access, MySQL, Oracle, Firebird, Postgres and more.

Editions comparison

Simple DMS features three product editions, each designed to fill a specific role.

Feature Simple DMS
Simple DMS
Simple DMS
Importing individual documents from disc and saving individual documents to disc
Viewing documents
Using external applications to edit and view documents (require Administrator permission to track changes made in external applications)
Categorizing, Tagging and Filtering
Sending documents via email
Editing documents - Texts, Spreadsheets and Simple Reports Texts, Spreadsheets, Data Analysis Dashboards, Simple and Complex Reports
Creating documents - Texts, Spreadsheets and Simple Reports Texts, Spreadsheets, Data Analysis Dashboards, Simple and Complex Reports
PDF Tools -
Adding individual documents from URL -
Bulk collection of documents from disk - -
Bulk deployment of documents back to disk - -


files managment screenshot Files managment
Files managment filter screenshot Files managment filter
Content view screenshot Content view
Text document view screenshot Text document view
Spreadsheet document view screenshot Spreadsheet document view
PDF document view screenshot PDF document view

Simple DMS is an easy-to use document management software tool with a powerful user interface.

It was designed for you to locate your files easily, retrieve them quickly,
edit them on the fly and export them with the click of a button.

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Licensing and usage agreement

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    Upgrades to future versions of the software is free for minor versions only. For versions after that, upgrades will require additional payment.

  • Online license activation is required with a hardware footprint. One installation footprint per user is allowed. Transfer of a license to another owned computer is allowed per user request.

    License can be used for Personal and Commercial use. Support is provided for purchased version and any minor versions that are released later.

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