Simple Forms

Quickly massage raw data into a polished report using basic text editing skills!

  • Easily create reports, without learning a programming language!
  • When you are building a report, your document appears exactly the same as it will look on paper. This is what we call WYSIWYG processing: What You See Is What You Get.
  • In Simple Forms you can easily process information for your report using powerful tools such as Grouping, Sorting, Data Filtering, Summary Calculations, Calculated Fields, Report Parameters, and Data Formatting.
  • If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use Simple Forms.
  • With Simple Forms, you create a report structure that then is filled with the information you requested.
  • Simple Forms allows you to incorporate charts, checkboxes, images, and barcodes into your reports, along with other powerful reporting options.
  • Simple Forms includes a variety of possible looks you can easily choose from for your report, looks that can be swapped out with a simple mouse click.

Version 2.0.5released on 10.06.2016

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What is Simple Forms?

Simple Forms helps you create templates for simple reports quickly and comfortably.

Using your knowledge of Microsoft Word, you can build and modify reports in Simple Forms without using any other program to access your data.

Please, take a note that .NET data provider is needed in case if you want to use data source other than Microsoft SQL Server. You can download .NET data provider from corresponding database engine website.

When should i use Simple Forms?

Simple Forms is great when you need to take a quick look at information. It is also good if you need to do a simple calculation, such as total sales of a specific item or a single category.

You can use Simple Forms to quickly generate newsletters or customized cards from a mailing list.

When you need information quickly, without waiting for the monthly report to appear, you can usually extract what you need using Simple Forms.


Simple Forms makes it easy to go from raw data to a highly polished report!

WYSIWYG Reporting

Simple Forms is the true definition of WYSIWYG reporting. Whether you are creating a report, modifying an existing report or previewing it prior to printing, the document appears exactly the same as it will look on paper. You never have to deal with the innate complexities of a traditional report designer. There are no bands to set up and the endless switching between design and preview modes is now a thing of the past.

Powerful Reporting from a Text Editor

Simple Forms is powered by our Rich Text Editor and provides all the functionality you’ve come to expect from a powerhouse Windows editing tool. However, in addition to top-notch text editing capability, we have added a user-friendly report generation tool.

All core features of the Rich Text Editor (including automatic table of contents, character, paragraph and table styles, multi-column page layout, etc.) work seamlessly with the data manipulation features of our reporting platform. This marriage of a word processor with a report designer significantly reduces the otherwise steep learning curve associated with traditional reporting software and allows you to quickly deliver highly intuitive solutions that meet and exceed your highest expectations.

Integrated Report Items and Pre-Defined Appearances

Simple Forms ships with a powerful collection of report elements that no professional reporting solution can live without. From charts, to checkboxes, images to barcodes, all are a simple drag and drop away with Simple Forms. And of course, modifying the appearance of a report is a snap; a simple mouse click allows you to apply built-in appearances across your report instantly.

Extended Data Shaping

Ease of use is not limited to the straightforward and highly productive nature of Word-inspired functionality. The rich collection of data shaping options that ship with Simple Forms has been engineered to simplify the way you and your users will approach reporting going forward. You will have at your fingertips the ability to group, sort, filter, make summary calculations, populate calculated fields, specify report parameters, and format calculated data

Compatibility and Export

When using Simple Forms, you can open any existing TXT, RTF or DOC(X) file and quickly embed your business data as needed. In addition, Simple Forms provides support for all popular export formats, including PDF, IMG, TXT, RTF, DOC(X), and HTML.


No reporting solution is complete unless it provides an elegant way to create, maintain and modify hierarchical reports. Simple Forms blows-away the limits associated with traditional sub-reports and makes it possible to generate even the most complex master-detail layouts with ease.

Multiple Data Sources and Side-by-Side Reports

So that your users can create combined reports, Simple Forms allows you to easily bind your report to multiple un-related data sources. And yes, side-by-side comparison reports are as easy to create as a standard table or a multi-column layout.

Automatic Corrections

Simple Forms supports automatic hyperlink detection and auto-correction of misspelled words. Any dictionary can be added by simply dropping dictionary files (*.dic and *.aff) into the Simple Forms directory. Dictionaries can be easily downloaded from


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Simple Forms is easy-to-use reporting software with the familiar look of a text editor.

It was designed to allow users to employ text editing skills to interact with data files and generate professional reports.

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