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Simple and FREE PDF document viewer

This small and simple yet robust PDF viewer supports most PDF features and integrates smoothly with Simple Office.

Version 2.0.5released on 10.06.2016

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Available in:

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  • UK English
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What is Simple PDFs?

Simple PDFs is a FREE PDF read-only document viewer with a modern user interface.

You get all the necessary PDF-viewing functionality in simple and one easy-to-use application, all at no charge.

When should i use Simple PDFs?

Any time you need to read a PDF document, be it a letter, a form, a book or any other type of document; just open it with Simple PDFs.

Simple PDFs works best as part of the Simple Office bundle, which also contains a text processor and a spreadsheet manager.

Simple PDFs elevates ease-of-use and productivity to unrivaled levels!


Simple PDFs supports the following document content.

  • Text
  • Images
  • Vector graphics (including shapes)
  • Embedded fonts (including TrueType, PostScript Type 1 and OpenType)
  • CID fonts (TrueType and OpenType)

Simple PDFs supports the following features

  • Text search
  • Printing and export to image
  • Support for password-protected documents
  • Support for touch devices
  • Page rotation
  • Ability to copy and select text and images
  • Zooming, scrolling and continuous page layout
  • Support for document information


The following PDF features are not supported in Simple PDFs:

  • JPEG2000 images
  • Cross-references and table of contents
  • Interactive Forms
  • Pattern
  • Separation
  • DeviceN
  • ICC-based and Lab color spaces
  • Type 3 fonts

We are working to address these limitations and will implement all necessary functionality in future updates. Meanwhile, we look forward to your feedback.


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Simple PDFs is an easy-to-use PDF viewer with a modern user interface.

It was designed to provide easy read-only access to PDF files with a minimal software footprint.

Try your new Simple Assistant in PDF viewing right now!