Simple Reports

Easily Design Attractive Professional Reports.

  • Provides stand-alone data query and report generation
  • Powerful enough to handle the most varied mix of data sources
  • Makes ad-hoc report generation look easy!
  • Massage your data into reports with minimal fuss.
  • Provides print and HTML previewing
  • The visual report design tool is extremely powerful, yet easy to use.

Version 2.0.5released on 10.06.2016

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What is Simple Reports?

Simple Reports is designed to serve as a stand-alone reporting tool. Within it you are able to query a variety of database management systems and extract the information you need from the most complex of tables. With Simple Reports, you can access a variety of database files to create reports, independent of any external application.

The easy to use report layout software provides rich editing functionality, bands structure formatting, item behavior scripting, HTML- and print-previewing, along with much more!

Please, take a note that .NET data provider is needed in case if you want to use data source other than Microsoft SQL Server. You can download .NET data provider from corresponding database engine website.

When should i use Simple Reports?

Simple Reports is the right tool for creating any kind of personalised report. It can easily interface with almost any type of data file you throw at it, seamlessly working the data into the presentation shape you require.

Use Simple Reports to present:

  • Sales statistics
  • Warehouse inventory
  • Medical service trends
  • Demographic information
  • Quick-and-dirty reports
  • And almost anything you can come up with that involves data.


Simple Reports elevates ease-of-use and productivity to unrivaled levels!

Create Advanced Reports with Ease

Simple Reports is a reporting tool with an unmatched data-diagnostic feature set and a fully integrated End-User Report Designer. Create and customize reports at any time using powerful visual design tools and a rich collection of report controls.

Reliable Report Designing Tool

With Simple Reports, you can create application-independent reports. In other words, Simple Reports can be used as a standalone reporting tool. It provides everything you need to create virtually any type of report, be it a hierarchical master-detail report, a table with multiple columns, or an interactive drill-down and drill-through report.

Any Data, Anywhere, Anytime

You can connect to any database and access any of its tables and you can extract data via queries. With our built-in script management tools you can easily perform complex data manipulation. In the end you can view your results and print them or export them to any commonly used document format.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Simple Reports is a powerful report builder suitable for even the most demanding ad hoc reporting needs. It allows you to quickly create complex ad hoc reports from scratch or via pre-created report templates.


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Simple Reports is easy-to-use stand-alone advanced reporting software with a modern user interface.

Simple Reports is designed to allow ad-hoc programmers and others
the ability to quickly and easily reduce the most varied and complex data sources
to attractive, straightforward, professional reports.

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