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Easy-to-use spreadsheet management at an affordable price

Simple Sheets is an Excel®-inspired application that allows you to enjoy full spreadsheet functionality at a fraction of the cost of more expensive software.

Version 2.0.5released on 10.06.2016

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What is Simple Sheets?

Simple Sheets is spreadsheet management with a familiar look and feel, full rich text editing functionality and support for Microsoft Excel®, OpenDocument, and other spreadsheet file formats.

You will find all your necessary spreadsheet management functionality here in a straightforward and easy-to-use application, but at a very affordable price.

Please, take a note that .NET data provider is needed in case if you want to use data source other than Microsoft SQL Server. You can download .NET data provider from corresponding database engine website.

When should i use Simple Sheets?

Every time you need to create or edit a spreadsheet, Simple Sheets serves as an inexpensive but complete solution. It is equally applicable in any home, small business, or multiple-office setting.

Please, take a note that Simple Sheets does not support Excel macros at the time.

Simple Sheets functions best as part of the Simple Office bundle, which also includes a full-orbed text editor and a PDF-viewer.

Simple Sheets elevates ease-of-use and productivity to unrivaled levels!


Familiar User Interface

Simple Sheets is an Excel®-inspired application that allows you to use rich spreadsheet processing in your work. It can load, convert and save workbooks to the XLS binary file format and can export and import XLSX, CSV and TXT files.

Microsoft Office Inspired UI

Simple Sheets provides a familiar user interface, similar to what you have used in today's most popular office productivity suite.


You can prevent changes to workbooks, worksheets, and specific ranges. Simple Sheets allows you to assign varying levels of protection, based on the needs of your users. You can make an entire spreadsheet or only specific areas read-only accessible. It is possible to leave one range unlocked for one group of users while requiring password-prompted access for others. Almost any combination of protection levels that you can imagine is possible.


In Simple Sheets, you can summarize your worksheet data visually and make data interpretation easier by utilizing a variety of chart formats. You can create a simple chart and then customize its appearance for maximum effect. We include multiple predefined chart layouts and styles you may use and modify, or you will find it equally practical to adjust chart elements manually.

Formula Calculation Engine

In Simple Sheets, the formula calculation results have been engineered to closely match those of Microsoft Excel®. Both automatic and manual calculation modes are supported.

Cell References

A formula may contain references to other cells or cell ranges within the same or different worksheets. The following referencing conventions are supported by Simple Sheets: A1 and R1C1 Referencing, Relative Referencing, Absolute Referencing, Mixed Referencing, Cross-Worksheet Referencing, 3D Referencing, Structured Referencing.

Built-in Spreadsheet Functions

Simple Sheets supports a comprehensive range of functions for use within formulas. Function categories include: Mathematical, Statistical, Date ∧ Time, Text, Financial, Logical, Lookup ∧ Reference, Engineering, Information, Database, Web, Real-Time Data.

Mail Merge

Simple Sheets offers comprehensive mail merge functionality for a wide range of business requirements. With it, you can automatically generate personalized letters and a variety of business documents.

You can also use Simple Sheets to compose master-detail reports of any complexity, including catalogs, header/detail invoices, and financial statements).



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Simple Sheets is easy-to-use spreadsheet management software with a familiar look and feel.

It was designed to give users full capability to manipulate spreadsheets at a fraction of the cost of other popular software options.

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Licensing and usage agreement

  • Our software is licensed per user and distributed with free 30-day trial period, during which the program can be used without restrictions. After the trial period expires, application will be available in read-only mode. Purchase of a license activates the full software functionality and software may be used indefinitely after that.

    Upgrades to future versions of the software is free for minor versions only. For versions after that, upgrades will require additional payment.

  • Online license activation is required with a hardware footprint. One installation footprint per user is allowed for business users and two installation footprints per user is allowed for home users. Transfer of a license to another owned computer is allowed per user request.

    License can be used for Commercial use for business users and for Personal use only for home users. Support is provided for purchased version and any minor versions that are released later.

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