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Powerful word processing at an economical price

Simple Words is an easy-to-use yet robust word processor with a modern user interface, Rich Text processing, and compatibility with all popular file formats.

Version 2.0.5released on 10.06.2016

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What is Simple Words?

Simple Words is a text processor containing a modern user interface, Rich Text Editing functions and full support for Microsoft Word®, OpenDocument and many other file formats.

Simple Words provides full text-editing functionality in a straightforward and easy-to-use application at a very affordable price.

  • If you can use Microsoft Word®, you can use Simple Words
  • Simple Words is much more affordable than many of the other text editors on the market
  • Simple Words matches – and in some cases exceeds – the functionality and power of other text editors.

When should i use Simple Words?

Every professional needs to work with text documents from time to time. Simple Words is an inexpensive and practical solution for every office, small business, or home.

Please, take a note that Simple Words does not support creation of custom styles at the time.

Simple Words works most effectively as part of the Simple Office bundle, which includes a spreadsheet editor and a PDF-viewer.

Simple Words elevates ease-of-use and productivity to unrivaled levels!


Consistent Experience: Familiar Functionality

  • Control text formatting via Paste Special
  • Easily move text blocks using fully supported drag-and-drop operations.
  • Find and Replace operations are built in.
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo Operations
  • Insert characters and images easily with the built-in user interface.
  • Microsoft Word®-style Hidden Text functionality
  • Predefined document views and page layouts a la Microsoft Word®
  • Easily zoom documents in and out
  • Built-in provisions for dividing a document into sections and specifying unique page settings, columns, headers and footers for each section
  • Use visual rulers to quickly assign document margins, customize paragraph indents, and change the dimensions of table columns and rows
  • Built-in functionality for adding line numbering to document margins
  • Navigate large documents using bookmarks
  • Easily connect via hyperlinks to external resources such as web pages or external files

Check it for Accuracy: Spell Checking

Simple Words supports automatic hyperlink detection and auto-correction of misspelled words. Any dictionary can be added by dropping dictionary files (*.dic and *.aff) into the Simple Words application directory. Dictionaries can be downloaded from OpenOffice website.

Create the Perfect Document Formatting, Tables and Floating Objects.

Simple Words delivers all major text formatting features you have come to expect from a text editor, including character and paragraph formatting, bulleted and numbered lists, and styles.

The Simple Words Rich Text Editor fully supports tables. You can nest tables, split and merge table cells, insert and remove rows, and apply borders and shading to individual cells. Simple Words features access to a Microsoft Word®-style table management user interface

Whether it’s pictures or text boxes you want to use, your RTF documents can include any number of floating objects, with full rotation support.

Multiple File Format Support.

Simple Words supports loading, saving, and conversion to and from today’s most popular text-based documents, including DOCX, HTML, RTF, TXT, XML, ODT, EPUB, MHT, and DOC.

Safeguard Your Documents: Document Protection and Restrictions

Passwords protect your documents from modification by unauthorized users. You can allow limited editing of defined ranges or you can protect the document in its entirety. Additionally, the Simple Words Rich Text Editor accommodates multiple users per range and supports the importing of documents with existing document protection.



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Simple Words offers powerful text editing capability with all the functionality of similar products but at a fraction of the cost.

It was designed for ease of use and includes full compatibility with all major file types.

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    Upgrades to future versions of the software is free for minor versions only. For versions after that, upgrades will require additional payment.

  • Online license activation is required with a hardware footprint. One installation footprint per user is allowed for business users and two installation footprints per user is allowed for home users. Transfer of a license to another owned computer is allowed per user request.

    License can be used for Commercial use for business users and for Personal use only for home users. Support is provided for purchased version and any minor versions that are released later.

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